The new Le Roch H?tel & Spa Paris designer hotel, in the Saint-Honoré quarter of the French capital, guarantees its guests premium relaxation. The 5-star property’s bathrooms are the perfect place to retreat from the hectic hustle & bustle of the city– fitted with high-end bathroom solutions made of KALDEWEI steel enamel including the enamelled Conoflat shower surface or the Meisterstück Centro Duo Oval bathtub. Interior designer Sarah Lavoine was responsible for creating the inviting, boutique-look setting, offering guests the highest degree of comfort and elegant design.

                            Le Roch H?tel & Spa Paris features 37 stylishly furnished rooms and suites. Each of the rooms bears the signature of Parisian interior designer, Sarah Lavoine, who has won international acclaim for her skilful use of colours and materials. Her passion for authentic Parisian chic is evident in every detail, lending this boutique hotel a warm, homely feel.

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